Same Sex Marriage Divorce in San Diego, CA


Are you ending a same-sex marriage in San Diego?


In modern times, same-sex divorce is governed by the same set of laws as opposite-sex divorce, but there are some unique issues to consider and for which to prepare.


While the process of divorce is largely the same for both same- and opposite-sex couples, there are some important factors to consider in addition to the basics of divorce: be proactive, be prepared, and obtain competent counsel – not necessarily in that order.


San Diego was among the earliest states (after New York) to begin licensing same-sex marriages in 2013 when it enacted the Marriage Equality Act.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obergfell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015.


Same-Sex Marriage & Divorce in San Diego

Representation for LGBT Couples in San Diego.

Same-sex marriages and divorces involve several complexities that demand the help of a San Diego same-sex family lawyer. While the state of San Diego recognizes gay marriage, the federal government still does not and the ramifications of this requires skill and experience to address in order to ensure your rights are protected.


The Mediation and Law Office of Julie O. Wolff, we concentrate on matrimonial and family law and have an extensive history fighting for the rights of gay and lesbian couples. The legal, financial and personal implications of laws relating to same-sex marriage must be approached compassionately and with great insight in order to protect your family and your finances throughout your marriage and in the event of a divorce.


A matrimonial lawyer with great experience in Family Law and assisting same-sex couples

Julie O. Wolff, is thoroughly familiar with all of the current San Diego State and national laws effecting same sex couples. She has the experience and savvy to steer through the statutes and courts on the complex laws regarding same-sex marriages and divorce in the state and nationally. If you are in a same sex relationship and need help on a matrimonial matter, Julie can help.


Work with Julie O. Wolff to make your divorce less stressful

Same-sex Divorce agreements need not be as difficult as the process leading to them, and legal assistance can help ensure that your interests are protected. Whether you and your spouse believe that an agreeable divorce settlement is attainable through a collaborative process, or you have experienced a breakdown of collaboration and cooperation in an already difficult time, the assistance of attorneys in each one of these tricky steps can make all the difference.


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