ight now it may seem like you may have done everything correct, yet some disputes still crop up.

Additionally settling your disputes in court is a very long and expensive process that will require a mediator.

Mediation is here to save you time and money.

What is mediation?

Is used in a Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) which needs to be overseen by a mediator.

The Mediator is a neutral third party chosen by both parties in a mutual agreement.

The mediator negotiates with both sides in order to reach a compromise that will satisfy the claims of each party.

Here at the San Diego Law & Mediation Office Of Julie O. Wolff, I am the mediator.

If you are looking for a qualified mediator and an experienced attorney.

I will find you the middle ground that will support both parties and settle your dispute.

How does mediation work?

In order for the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) to legally and ethically work the following shall be done:

  • The conference is held at a agreeable location.
  • In addition, the location can be the office of the mediator.
  • Or it can be a private space that is unavailable to bystanders.

With these three ADR points in place, the mediator can begin accordingly.

On the other hand, the initial conference may be made over a phone call

Where the negotiations between mediator and the parties involved are appropriate.

Likewise most mediators will require face to face negotiations, which is the most civil way.

On the contrary mediators may conduct co-mediations if the parties relationship is dangerous or not trusted.

What can I do for you?

While mediation can be a very serious and sensitive issue.

I can honestly say I have dedicated my life and firm to this practice.

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