iring a family law attorney in the great city of San Diego requires investing time in understanding your legal matter and goals in accordance to the cities specific guidelines.

Furthermore, this is why I have dedicated my life to the law and helping families in San Diego.

When it comes to family law the three areas the San Diego Law & Mediation Office Of Julie O. Wolff practice in are:

As a highly skilled and compassionate attorney, I am dedicated to upholding the law while delivering results for my clients through until then end.

In addition, I pride myself in being honest, reliable, and committed to your case.

Moreover I will provide excellent legal counsel to you with a free 20 minute consultation so I can effectively understand where you stand in your family law petition.

In conclusion my overall goal is to fight hard for your case and see you and your child receive the absolute best outcome in your case, because the people I care most about in my life are my clients.

Get personal attention for your case

At the San Diego Law & Mediation Office Of Julie O. Wolff, I will provide you personal attention to your case, and I will handle our lawyer client relationship like a professional.

In addition I will work with you one on one and see your case until the end.

As well I have studied and have experience in juvenile dependency and probate guardianship, which makes me an even more formidable family law attorney.

Divorce and marriage in family law

Divorce is one of the hardest times in your life, however you don’t have to go it alone.

Going through a divorce requires you to decide who gets what, including but not limited to:

  • Assets
  • Debts
  • Incomes
  • Support values
  • Child custody time

As your family law attorney I will defend your position and make certain you receive your division of assets agreed on in your case.

In San Diego, the Law & Mediation Office Of Julie O. Wolff has you covered

Family law is a very serious and sensitive issue.

So much so I have dedicated my life and firm to this practice.

Contact me now.

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