ispute resolution refers to legal processes that can be used to resolve conflict, dispute, and claims.

In addition, another term for this process, that is used in the legal system, is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

However, the main reason to use this process of ADR is to give people choices, instead of having the court decide in trial.

In particular ADR is used to resolve:

  • Family
  • Neighborhood
  • Employment
  • Business
  • Housing
  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer
  • Environmental Disputes

The use of ADR is very popular in the legal system.

For example the Federal Government assists:

  • Government employees
  • Resolve complaints
  • Disputes including in the workplace
  • Employment
  • Contracting matters

All of these are used by the Federal Government and are legal for public citizens just like yourself.

Why should you use dispute resolution?

You should use the dispute resolution process because of its many advantages.

For instance, it is way cheaper and it is a lot faster than the standard court process.

Consequently there are certain processes that can give you a better chance at reaching a solution.

As well as more control over the outcome of your dispute.

Finally, the dispute resolution process is less formal and also has many more flexible rules.

However you look at it, this process will help you and may give you a better outcome in the end.

What can I do for you?

While dispute resolution can be more relaxed and informal, you should still hire an attorney to help you.

Conversely, my role as your attorney would be to go with you and help you as either your counselor or advocate.

I have dedicated my life and firm to helping others.

So please contact me now and I can help you solve your dispute.

Dispute Resolution