Great News! Finally it is here Super Lawyers Badge for 2021 has sent me!

New Bragging rights? Kinda cool isn’t it?

Julie O. Wolff  Gives Thanks to All Peers and Clients who voted for her

If three years in  a row is not awesome, then making it 4 years in a row (Fingers Crossed) will be more awesome right?

an effort that has finally paid off, keeping clients happy and helping out not only in San Diego, but also in the State of California.

What does the Super Lawyer Badge mean to me.

Getting recognized as a Super Lawyer requires time and effort, besides of being in and out of courtrooms, being also present in and helping out the Lawyer Community, Joining Organizations that help communities in the State of California, Donating Money to Organizations that provide help in the care of children, animals, and the environment. Joining up clubs that help out different cultures and ethnicity, learning continuously as the growth of population and changes in time in the State of California.

Still think I do not deserve it?

We are now in Digital Age and Getting Digitally known to be the Best is only one of the main things.

It is wrong to think that being in the digital age you only need to get known in Social Media, Get more likes and clicks, as a Lawyer and as A Human being you still need to go out there, despite the pandemic, and show people who you are personally and digitally.