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Can’t Afford A Lawyer? Solution is hire a Limited Scope Lawyer


If you can’t afford to hire a lawyer to represent your case and bill you in full, Look into hiring a Limited Scope Lawyer to Represent you on your case.


What is a limited scope Lawyer?



Also referred to as unbundled services, limited scope retainers allow a lawyer to provide limited services to a client, such as representing the client for only part of a legal matter. For example, a lawyer may draft pleadings on behalf of a client but not represent him or her in court.

A Simple Analogy is when building a house you are not called in to build everything, you might be called in to do the walls or just tile the floors, or maybe just install electricity in the Vicinity.

In handling your case, the Lawyer may just assist you and not represent you at your next hearing, you may hire the lawyer just for assisting you to file for Divorce but not represent you in the case.

You may choose to represent yourself for Child Support & Visitation Schedules, and hire a lawyer for Asset and Property Division.

In these cases in may be confusing but it saves you money and may take more time when doing the filing yourself, because the lawyer will not prepare everything for your case you will have to prepare it for yourself.


What can a Limited Scope Lawyer do for you?


A Limited Scope lawyer can also prepare forms and other court documents but have you file them yourself while you represent yourself at the hearings.

A Limited Scope lawyer can coach you on how to represent yourself at the court hearings and help you prepare the evidence that you will present in court.

A Limited Scope lawyer can also help you with the more difficult parts of your case, such as discovery and legal research, while you do the simpler tasks yourself. By only paying our firm to do certain tasks, you can save quite a bit of money on lawyer fees and costs.


Limited-scope representation is, however, not for everyone. If the case is complex and there is a lot at stake, there is a lot to lose. Hiring an lawyer specialized in that kind of case can help you identify the possible LANDMINES at an early stage in your case, so you can avoid a mistake that could get more costly as time passes. For example, a child support court order based on wrong information could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month until the child becomes an adult. Another is for doing Appeals and for updating or changing court orders you need to hire a lawyer to represent you otherwise you might be just wasting your money on a losing battle because you did not submit all the information that is needed.


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