Jwolfflaw.com my website has reached an Avg. of 30 visitors per day, Most Searched in Google 2021


Awesome! According to google Analytics My website jwolfflaw.com has reached an Avg. of 30 visitors per day


Julie O. Wolff is considered one of the Most Searched in Google 2021 reaching Avg 32,000 impressions and 30 visitors for the past 3 months.


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Julie O. Wolff is most searched/researched attorney in San Diego California.


Julie O. Wolff would like to thank all customers and peers that are referring her as an Attorney practicing Family Law, Mediation, Surrogacy Contracts, Child Protection & Child Welfare, Restraining Orders, Criminal Expungement, Name-changes / Gender-changes in San Diego California.

This is due to Julie O. Wolff has helped a lot of clients reach their goals providing great and steady Legal Assistance.


Some Attorneys are telling you what to do, forgetting that our Job is not to tell the clients what to do, but to advise them on the actions they take and the implications and consequences of their actions may lead to, they forget that we are only here to advise, we are not drivers of the vehicle – the clients are, we serve as road signs or just a passer by that the clients asks for direction and we point them to their destination, we can advise them to take a shortcut that may be bumpy, or another route that takes longer but journey is smoother.


Julie O. Wolff is passionate about helping children during a divorce or separation, or even if they lose both of their parents due to accidents or illness, the stress of the children and the trauma they get, helping parents get more visitation from relatives, and providing a safe and suitable foster home for children has always been a challenge that she never backs down on.

Child Custody and Visitation during the Pandemic, things have changed since the Pandemic, we can say that it is not the same anymore, Julie O. Wolff has helped clients get through their divorce, mediation, request for child custody, more visitation even though it is not easy with the widespread COVID-19. Pandemic on the lose and still coming back with a new variant these days.

Slight changes in the Laws that are about COVID-19 Vaccination, Social Distancing, and other effects of the pandemic can be confusing these times, and if somehow you are lost, Julie O. Wolff will help you reach your goals and guide you.


We are getting more and more referrals from previous clients, team members, peers and even relatives of the clients.


Thank you everyone for making this possible. -Julie O. Wolff