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What is Sealed Criminal Expungements?


Sealed – An arrest or criminal conviction that cannot be disclosed to certain parties and actions but the ones allowed access.

This sealed criminal expungement record prohibits access to these parties and actions:

  • Potential employers
  • Background searches
  • Educational institutions
  • Rental housing/apartment applications

Because sealed records prohibit these parties access, this allows people to a second chance at life.

For the same reason states like California benefit from this law, which boosts the housing market and the economy.

Evidence of this is the current booming housing market, which allows people with sealed records to compete.

What is Under Seal Criminal Expungement?

Under seal – Sealed arrests or convictions that cannot be erased and can be accessed by certain parties.

Conversely, this under seal criminal expungement record allows access to these three parties:

  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Criminal courts

Because under seal records allow these parties access, this really causes alarm.

However, without a doubt the government benefits from this law.

In contrast this law just actually helps criminal court have proof of prior conviction.

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