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Julie O. Wolff and Vinny Enriquez Discuss about  Divorcing Couples and Division of Real Estate in San Diego California Based Family Law

In this video, San Diego, California based Family Law / Juvenile Dependency Attorney and Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist Julie O. Wolff discusses the current real estate market in San Diego for those who are divorcing (or consciously uncoupling) and looking to either

  1. sell property,
  2.  re-finance and buy-out their former partner, or
  3. (3) looking to buy a property away from their current home, during this time of COVID-19 and social distancing.

Questions to be answered – Has the housing marking in San Diego changed in the past several months, since COVID-19 came to the USA?

How has COVID-19 changed the San Diego real estate market?

If I am divorcing my spouse, can I still get financing to buy my own property or to buy out my spouse’s community property or separate property share?

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