We made it to be becoming one of the Best Family Lawyers according to Expertise.com

Awarded as one of the top 35 Best Family Lawyers in San Diego this year

The Law and Mediation Office of Julie O. Wolff is a boutique law firm that serves clients in San Diego. It primarily handles family law cases, including divorce, child custody and support, parenting plans, marital agreements, property division, and spousal support. Julie Wolff, the firm’s principal attorney, represents clients in child protection and welfare cases, restraining orders, criminal expungements, name and gender changes, and dispute resolution and mediation. Wolff was awarded the Advokids Award in 2021 for her dedication to assisting foster children.

Listed as one of the 35 Best Family Lawyers in San Diego by Expertise .com

Their goal is to connect people with the best local experts. We scored San Diego Family Lawyers on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best.

What are the 5 Criteria to be selected as the 35 Best Family Lawyers in San Diego?

  • Availability
  • Qualification
  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Professionalism

We Scored best on these Criteria in becoming 35 Best Family Lawyers in San Diego

We Received A+ in Reputation

A history of delighted customers and outstanding service.

We Received A+ in Professionalism

Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect.

Being included in the list of 35 Best Family Lawyers in San Diego is not easy

The Law and Mediation Office of Julie O. Wolf is one of the busiest law firms in San Diego and is also recommended by previous customers.

Despite having tons of Cases on her hand, Julie O. Wolff still manages her time and provides quality service to her clients.

What does being one of the 35 Best Family Lawyers in San Diego mean?

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