Advokids Award 2021 awarded to Julie O. Wolff San Diego, California Lawyers has been awarded by Advokids a certificate of recognition for her extraordinary pro bono legal representation and commitment to children in the foster care system of the State of California.


“This is AWESOME!,  [Advokids award 2021] this award was unexpected that it caught me by surprise. I am very happy that the state of California has recognized my dedication and commitment in helping out foster children in San Diego, which is my main area of practice in the State of California.”




Who is Advokids and what do they do? What is Advokids Award 2021 for?

Advokids is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending the rights and meeting the needs of children who are in the California foster care system due to abuse or neglect at home.

• There are more than 60,000 children in foster care in California, more than 1/5 of all foster children in the United States.
• 1/3 of foster children are under the age of 5.
• The majority of children spend 2+ years in foster care and experience multiple placements.
• Temporary placements and loss of relationships directly affect a foster child’s long-term emotional, cognitive, and developmental health.
• Foster children who never find a permanent home face lifelong challenges, and they have overtaken war veterans as the largest population in California’s homeless shelters.


Julie has represented quite a number of cases for children in the foster care system in the State of California, not only making sure to give them a new home but also seeing through that transition of adoption goes smoothly. This has earned the attention of Advokids and led to her receiving Advokids Award 2021.